CO2 neutral mining

Mining on is made CO2 neutral, by giving a share of the donations to initiatives that compensate for the amount of CO2 created by mining a charity coin. In this article we show that only a small percentage of the donations if sufficient to achieve this. Below you find a computational example for the case of Monero (XMR) mining in 2018.

CO2 per charity coin

From our efficiency studies with different computers, we have found, that per Watt (W) of electricity we can generate 0.46 charity coins per hour. For example with 1000W of power we could generate 460 charity coins per hour.

CO2 emissions for electricity production

As an approximation for the CO2 emission per KWh of electricity, we will use a value given by the OECD. The latest value that can be found here is 432g CO2/KWh.

Around 1 g CO2 per charity coin

Combining the above, we find, that for generating 1 charity coin, a little less than 1g of CO2 is emmitted in the OECD region.

Trees absorb CO2

A large tree absorbs around 3000Kg of CO2 during its lifetime, assuming a lifetime of 100 years, this is approximately 30Kg of Co2 per year (for an estimation see here). That means, that for 3 million generated charity coins, we need to plant one tree in order to be CO2 neutral.

Given that we can donate for example to Plant for the Planet where for a donation of 1 EUR 1 tree is planted and taking into account the current value of a charity coin in EUR, we can calculate the share of the donations, that we give to this or another initiative. At the time of writing (2018) this was around 2% of the mining revenues.

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